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Space Anchor

Many a times, in our daily life certain people experience something special/ something different at a particular place / spot.... say coffee corners. An individual will create his own spot while having a cup of coffee... would associate to that spot for any particular emotion... say privacy... joy.... solitude...reaching out/in to people...or just anything...

Smokers go out in the open balconies or terraces to have puff, and in that huge place , pick up a particular point to stand and enjoy...not necessarily near the door... may be just anywhere....How do you pick up any spot in the open ground / terrace ?..... to wait ... to do something or just do nothing...

Remember in college times... we used to sit on the paraphret , “ katta” or a particular spot to sit and wait for your friends to arrive...It used to be the “place” for you and if before you, any other person occupied it, you would want them to vacate it as early as possible, and once you have it to, you immediately occupy it.

Even in home you will observe, we have our own little spot, a specific place, a corner, a seat, a chair, where you are absolutely at ease. There may be or may not be any emotions associated, and still we have some unexplained attachment or detachment with it.

Do you have any spot like that?

I am sure, we all have them.

Look at the children; observe them, when someone shouts at them or when they are upset, they tend to go and sit at a particular spot and in a peculiar way! And also when they are extremely happy, they tend to go their spot. Have you wondered why?

May be after feeling upset, the child relates to that place... would either relaxed or may be would feel secured and/or may get energy and strength to fight and overcome that negative state!

THESE are all naturally occurring “Spatial Anchors “

We all can create specific resources to boost our confidence, our energies and all our strength. We can create states leading us through NLP.

NLP tools works on the negative anchors and helps create positive anchors.

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