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The Facilitators - Sanjeev Deshpande

“if We Treat People As They Are, We Make Them Worse. If You Train Them As They Ought To Be, We Help Them Become What They Are Capable Of Becoming.”

And that is how any organization grows and sustains its position as well as growth navigation.

The biggest resource is the “Human Resource” our industry. For long term gains & more so retaining the talent, we have happened to hunt while employing them, continuous training and development of the people thus becomes necessary. In near future, when competition will be going from worse to still intense worse, due to various challenges, the only resource; our own sales force is the one to secure us where we are. They need to be nurtured properly with training as one of the important part of their employment. Sanjeev Deshpande is a veteran Pharma professional having spent 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Training put together. He rose to the position of Business Head from a position of grass roots thus he understands the challenges faced by the companies at each level of hierarchy.

He has worked with various MNCs & Indian giants like Glaxo, Pfizer, Lederle, Becton Dickinson, Wockhardt, and Alkem. His last assignment was with Alembic Limited as “Chief- Sales & Marketing” of Intensa division.

While leading the teams he has always given paramount importance to development of his team members.

He is a graduate of Microbiology from Shivaji University and has been trained in IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore & Calcutta during his career in management.

Sanjeev has been personally trained & mentored by two international Master Trainers of NLP, Dr. David Lincoln and Mr. Ralph Watson from UK

Sanjeev has significant experience backing him in various roles right from being a man of operations to an Inspiring Trainer and has trained over 2000 people through various organization

He has certifications in communication by Renowned Indian Theater personality Alyque Padamsee. Graduation as a Trainer from Dale Carnegie Training. Accredited Trainer of “Neuro Linguistics Programming from ANLP, India & IFCNLP (UK) Trainer Member of IFCNLP

Advance Life Coach from IFCNLP Trainer of Emotional Intelligence

Sanjeev believes in “doing” the things rather than giving lectures. His all the workshops for are full of activities and demonstrations.

Sanjeev uses NLP tools and techniques to empower the people and help get empowered to give the best possible performance. Some of important clients include: - Centaur Labs, Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Comed Chemicals, AT & T, Besin Healthcare, Vodafone, ICICI Bank, Tech Mahindra, Bajaj Capital

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