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Business Proficiency Skills

Goal Setting :

Goals are like a guiding device for anyone in their life. Goals give meaning and helps achieve our most compelling outcomes. With a tinge of NLP mixed in this workshop, this would definitely reignite that sudden urge of what you really want to achieve, short term or long term. Our Goal setting module not only focuses on professional goals, but goals in all areas of life.

Influencing And Persuading:

According to Cialdini, the science of persuasion has come a long way and there is no secret towards effective Influencing and Persuading skills. This workshop talks about the six weapons by which you can easily persuade in your personal and professional life.

Self –Awareness :

There is you and there are always others. There is always a better way of managing self and others by creatively thinking out of the box. But in order to do that, it is most important to discover yourself, know who you are, know your own potential so that you can be a much more effective person in your life. We focus on DISC analysis, Johari Window and SWOT analysis in this module to make it highly introspective for our trainees.

Emotional Intelligence:

Humans are emotional beings. The basic difference between humans and animals is that we are empowered to regulate our emotions. But emotions can cause us problems as well in various facets of life. They could cause certain limiting beliefs which could come in the way of you achieving your goals. Really, you can choose how you want to feel. Always, it is we who choose to be stressed. In order to be emotionally fit to take on challenges in personal and professional life, come and join us for the Emotional Intelligence workshop.

Effective Negotiations:

We all agree to the fact that in order to grow in our careers, we have to sell or help sell the Products, Services or sometimes even ourselves so as to grow up the ladder. The way selling is important to enable get our bread and butter, Negotiating becomes all the more important that will ensure that we get more of it. We negotiate right from our childhood with our parents, then with our friends, our life partner, our HR manager, our boss and our in-laws so on and so forth. Focussing on the corporate part of it, this workshop will empower you with top notch negotiation skills in any situations that you face in your corporate life

Advanced Presentation Skills :

Do you have nightmares when it comes to making that all important presentation in front of a client, in front of your bosses or in front of your staff in order to guide them through the deliverables? Or you may not have nightmares but are you still unsure of how a presentation is supposed to be designed and delivered to create a right kind of impact? How do you influence and persuade someone and finally convince them through your effective presentation? This workshop is aimed at making you the most impactful presenter by empowering you with basics of preparing a presentation and dynamics of presenting tool, that is, power-point.

Team Work :

Building an effective team is something that all managers want to achieve. But it's important to plan ahead if you want to do this properly.It can be a challenge to reach this level of effectiveness if you're putting together a new team, or if you're developing an existing one. However, it's much easier if you have a plan in place. Appreciate other team members and the skills they have, whilst recognising the need to retain individual thought process.

Leadership Skills:

Whether a leader is born or leadership qualities can be cultivated. This is a matter which has always been researched upon. Till date there has been no tangible conclusion. We at Aspire believe that leadership is based on confidence, knowledge, flexibility and ability to control. Cultivation of these qualities can help someone evolve as a leader.

Time Management :

Gone are those days when people were respected for specializing in one concept in their professional life. Now professionals have to handle multiple responsibilities at work and this means multi-tasking. Brain as we know it is not a natural multi-tasking device and hence we are often caught in this dilemma of how to utilize time to achieve the highest productivity. Time is limited to 24 hours in a day. It is not rocket science to be able to tame time to achieve the right results. Come and join us in this workshop to be able to do just that.

Problem Solving And Decision Making :

In this dynamic business world, there are times when being decisive is extremely important. But it becomes much more difficult when there are loads of problems that are needed to be solved. In order to solve a problem, many a times, it is the decision making skill that comes handy. We teach you various techniques in this workshop to be able to analyse and solve problems especially in the corporate world and enable you to take prompt decisions

Stress Management:

Emotional Stress cannot be generated externally. No one can give you stress. Stress is what is generated inside our system and it is majorly because of the response we choose towards certain happenings in our life. Here, at this workshop, we aim to facilitate new ways to our participants, so that managing stress or dealing with it becomes easier.

Conflict Management:

Managing optimum level of conflict within an organization and manage it to result in high employee productivity. An insight on difference between Conflict Resolution and Conflict Management is also given. Classic case studies to be discussed.

Business Etiquette:

The etiquette of business is the set of written and unwritten rules of conduct that make social interactions run more smoothly. Office etiquette in particular applies to coworker interaction, excluding interactions with external contacts such as customers and suppliers.

Public Speaking :

There could be many occasions in your life when you would have to make a stage appearance and give a speech. As top notch professional in your own field, it would make an even bigger impact with excellent Public Speaking skills. Not everyone in this world is fluent public speaker. But this quality can be nurtured and cultivated. This workshop will help enable you to try and become an effective public speaker.
Public Speaking skills are needed in every functional area in an organizational framework. As a Speaker, you have to be and at the same time deploy effective visual aids that are necessary for the presentation to make a lasting impact. In this course we would be laying stress on both for a professional touch.

Creativity :

We all have heard words like “think out of the box” and “let’s try something different”. Believe it or not, we all have a "creativity quotient" along with intelligence quotient and emotional quotient. The question is, how do we harness that potential. This is not something abstract and creativity is there inside all of us. This workshop will help you realise your true potential.

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